Website Consulting

Want to start an online business presence and don’t know where to begin? Already have a website but want to improve it or just brainstorm some upgrade ideas? I know it may be challenging to choose the best direction or to navigate the myriad of services & apps out there. If you are a small to mid-sized business, let’s get in touch and I’ll help you sort it all out. At wherever stage you are with your website goals, I can help you fix, improve, or give friendly insights. I bring 18+ years of experience.

Web Design, Production & Management

I will find the best fit solutions for your unique project and assist with development, production & installation from start to finish. I will train you on how to manage basic updates via the easy-to-use content management system so you are independent and in control of your own game, I want you to feel empowered.

Occasional Superstar / Tag Team

Wearing too many hats and feeling overwhelmed by various aspects of running your online business? Wishing you had more time to be creative and grow your online business by off-loading some of the tasks to a trusted, conscious, reliable professional on a need-basis? Or already have a team of superstars and looking to bring one more on? Psst, look here!

Project Management

Coordinating all the various aspects of a web project takes time and know-how.  It often involves mediation between development, design and production teams. As a project manager, I can help communicate your goals – with the required technical lingo – and make sure development stays on track with specifications, quality, budget and timeline.