About Me

Hello. My name is Tatiana. I’ve been an Online Media Specialist for over 18 years.

How it started…

In one of my previous lives, circa 2002, I was a jewelry designer looking to get a website for my business. I had no idea how to get started, I was hoping for a savvy web Genie to drop into my life, get inside my head and download the full project scope and call me when done. I was a one-person business wearing all hats, and just needed to delegate this seemingly monumental task to someone who:

  • I trusted
  • Was creative as well as methodical
  • A good communicator
  • Accountable
  • Took the lead confidently so I could forget and move on to other tasks
  • Gave me a crash course so I would be able to manage my own updates

Tall order? Sounds familiar?

I searched around for a while, didn’t get a match, felt overwhelmed, and with all the other aspects of the business requiring attention, I set the project aside for a later date. In that gestation period and no Genie in sight that met the qualifications, I decided to do the unthinkable: I was going to be that Genie. I can’t help it, I’m a do-it-yourselfer. So I re-framed the project and my expectations, embraced KISS, bought a few how-to books, and went on my way to learn a new skill, and an entirely new language. I can’t say it was all roses, in fact it was incredibly frustrating, and for a short duration, my business got put on pause. But I pursued.

Fast forward…

As time went on, I fell in love with the process and the digital format. The fact that I could translate tangible concepts into digital manifests using code, totally blew my mind. And the immediate-satisfaction nature of it was addictive, I got hooked. So I kept studying, discovering and developing my skills, while pressing on with my jewelry business. In my spare time (ha!) I started helping friends. Then went on to freelance my skills, and eventually launched Melo Media, through which I offered curated web services for budding entrepreneurs and professionals. Word carried out quickly, and in a short time I had a flourishing small scale boutique-style business. I put my jewelry business on pause, hired assistance, and never looked back.

That opportunity opened new doors and I was offered a position at my local newspaper to join the “shy” online team. I say shy because at that time, the industry was thick with skepticism that digital  format would ever work. Sorta like the same concept of buying shoes online, a lot of critics and only a few visionaries. And this newspaper was one of the visionaries. It was the oldest newspaper publisher in the US still in operation, and a pioneer at going digital. With that opportunity lined up, I downsized my business and took on the challenge. Once again I found myself wearing many hats as I almost single-handedly ran the online department. I had the great privilege to work collaboratively on a daily basis with reporters, editors, proofreaders, photographers, designers, and a sizeable marketing team. The experience, though often challenging, was incredibly enriching. After some  years at the newspaper and before the industry took a hard blow in the economic crash of 2008, I went on to pursue other opportunities in the online publishing world.


Here I am full circle. The challenge I see for a small business today looking to get started or to scale up their online presence, is the overwhelm of options and systems and the time it takes to manage it all, while remaining visible and engaged in such a competitive stage. It’s a jungle out there! Fortunately, I have the skills and knowledge to help guide you from confusion to clarity wherever you are in your business journey.

I take so much satisfaction in helping clients sort out their online needs because I understand what they are from personal experience.

I’m excited you’re here. Let’s get started

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